Apr 7 2021

Boxtails delivered straight to your door

As lockdown measures lift and Spring/Summer approaches, a new cocktail company is here to with its pre-mixed drinks that are vegan friendly and made with natural ingredients. 

Boxtails takes the stress out of cocktail making with its carefully crafted range of 12 pre-mixed cocktails that come in pouches of 125ml servings, ranging between 15-26% abv in which you simply tear the corner of your pouch and pour into a shaker or glass.

We had these as our Friday night indoor date night, whilst playing drinking games and we highly recommend making your orders. We must warn that the drinks are surprisingly stronger than we thought they would be, but let that take nothing away from how delicious they were.

There’s also something for everyone in the collection, with the cocktails ranging from Gin and Rum-infused to the stronger Vodka and Whisky cocktails. All cocktails contain 100% natural flavouring and come from real fruit. It is also suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Priced modestly at £28.99 for six, or £54.99 for 12, serving cocktails has never been so easy and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor motives.

To order Boxtails straight to your door, visit: https://www.boxtails.co.uk/

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