Oct 27 2021

Date Night: Wild Heart Bar & Shokudo

Welcome to Wild Heart Bar & Shokudo, a place where if you love your music and the history behind it, you should look no further. Upon arrival, it was easy to notice that the venue had a special feel to it. It could have been the snazzy colours, the portraits of musical icons on the wall, or maybe just the warm welcome we felt from our host for the evening; either way, we knew we were in for a good night.

Located in the heart of Soho, the bar and restaurant are located within the Karma Sanctum Hotel. It’s a venue that has clear connections to the rock ‘n’ roll industry and the way the booths were set up, gave us the impression that they expect a celebrity or two every so often. After all, the CEO is Mark Fuller who has managed multiple bands and multiple nightclubs. Furthermore, the way the venue is designed gave us a lot to reflect on, as we played a game of who can name the most musicians on the wall.

The menu is best approached with a mind to sharing, and so we selected a platter of Wagyu Burgers, Chicken Katsu burgers, Chilli Squid, Vegetable Gyoza, Fried Tempura Tofu and Avacado, Miso Marinated Tofu and Wasabi Fries. This was topped off with a bottle of wine which went down a treat. The portion size was more than enough for two people. The quality of the food was good with the Chicken Katsu burgers being my personal favourite.

We must admit, that we wouldn’t recommend coming here if you’re looking for a fancy date night in Central London, but it’s a great venue if you’re looking for a casual evening out with drinks and nibbles. It’s an ideal venue if you’re going on a first date and you’ve promised drinks but it’s not too over the top. There is a selection of cocktails in both the main bar and also on the rooftop bar. A venue like this shows that you’ve put a bit of thought into the night as well. It’s a cosy vibe, in which you and your date can have a casual, fun conversation whilst continuing to get to know each other.

The venue is open all day, and the menu spans breakfast, afternoon tea and a la carte.

20 Warwick Street, Soho W1B 5NF; sanctumsoho.com

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