Dec 14 2018

Listen to H.E.R.’s Tiny Desk Concert

H.E.R.’s come-up reminds us a little of The Weeknd’s; a reputation carefully built up behind a screen door of mystery. For a time we had no idea what she might look like, but it’s always been clear she could sing — very well, at that. Her visuals have historically failed to provide us as an audience with a clear image of her face. And although we’re getting closer to full view with time, Gabriella Wilson’s yet to fully lack, keeping her chunky signature shades as a constant to her look. With such successful projects as the H.E.R. Vol 2 EP to her name, this Tiny Desk does much to temporarily stave our hunger for a debut H.E.R. album. Check it out in full above.

Words by Sidney Korboe

Sidney Korboe is PAYE's Style Editor. Follow him on Twitter @cornonthekorb