Nov 14 2022

PJ Morton Brought Soul to Electric Brixton

In a time where soul music isn’t as accessible as it once was, Grammy-Winning singer/songwriter PJ Morton is still waving its flag high. The New Orleans-native graced the Electric Brixton venue to perform his new hit album Watch the Sun, as well as his many other songs from his esteemed discography.

Morton, as many know of him, plays keyboards and provides backing vocals for mainstream pop rock group, Maroon 5. But as a solo artist he’s pioneering a modern soul, jazz and gospel scene that has landed him an impressive four Grammys and counting. But no man is an island, he fills the stage with his trusted talented band who do well to turn Electric Brixton into a full gospel service.

Morton is fully committed to the whole show, he puts everything into his performance, wasting no energy to entertain his captivated audience. Vocally, his singing is perfection. You can hear how he is really inspired by Stevie Wonder through his runs and general musicality. And like Stevie, he displayed his scintillating ability on the keys to the point the audience were dead silent taking in the beautiful noise that was provided through the marriage of his fingers and the keys.

Morton touched on selections from his albums Paul, New Orleans, and Gospel According to PJ throughout a tight ninety-minute set. Highlights included “Sticking To My Guns,” “Go Thru Your Phone,” “Say So” (where his back up singers perfectly sang JoJo’s part) and “Let Go”. Morton also found time to perform his cover version of The Gap Band’s classic “Yearning For Your Love,” and The Bee Gees “How Deep Is Your Love”, that latter we fill is the best version of the famous song.

Morton even performed his recently released single “Please Don’t Walk Away,” a soulful ballad that the audience were enamoured with. For me, what I loved most about the night was Morton’s display of his faith, while avoiding preaching to the audience. It was clear that Morton has a strong relationship with God and that extends into his music, and the audience was right there with him, no matter what you may believe in.

The audience was a mix of ages, which shows how his music has captivated so many. Some well into their 50s and some in their teens; with many new fans making it known it was their first show. In the crowd were numerous talented singers and Morton, at the end of the show, allowed for the audience to sing and boy could they.

A true showman, who leaves it all on stage and delivers his music through faith. If church was like a Morton show, then I’ll be at the next service

Words by Gerald Onyango

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