Jan 1 2019

Songs That are 10-year’s-Old This Year – 2009

New Year’s Day is usually a day to reflect on the year that we’ve just left and setting in stone your much thought plans for the new year. It’s also a healthy reminder that you’re getting old, especially us ’90s babies, whose 20s are slowly leaving them. Another great reminder of your brewing old age, is revisiting the songs that were release 10-years-ago, in this instance, 2009. I don’t know about you but 2009 still feels fairly recent and the songs below show us just how much time has passed. Enjoy these bangers from a decade ago.


Words by Gerald Onyango

If I was a celebrity I'd be Will Smith if I was an album I'd be 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. Avid Liverpool fan that also likes to complain about women.