May 31 2021

Teleport Back to The American West at Moonshine Saloon

Do you remember watching country western movies as a kid or even the recently lauded series West World and thought you’d love to experience the American West? Well, in the heartbeat of East London in Whitechapel, Moonshine Saloon has a unique immersive cocktail bar experience that transports you back to the Wild Wild West.

At the Moonshine Saloon, you’re an outlaw who smuggles an alcoholic drink of your choice that their incredible mixologist turns in to tasty cocktails for you during your near two-hour stay. Whilst you’re enjoying the yummy cocktails you may be interrogated by the local sheriff on your occupation and what you’ve potentially smuggled in. The owners of the saloon, Clyde and his wife Ada, will welcome you with open arms before battling it out with the sheriff in front of a pensive audience. It gets quite theatrical.

On entry, you’re given a cowboyesque hat and a bandana that you must keep on when being served your drinks (whilst the COVID-19 restrictions remain in place). There’s a range of card and dice games you can also play to keep you entertained.

On the night we brought with us a bottle of 70cl Tequila, where the mixologist served an array of delectable drinks; some sweet, sour and fruity but they can be made to your taste levels. We’d recommend Moonshine Saloon as a first-time date as the immersive western theatrics and lovely cocktails will work as a healthy icebreaker for you and your date.


Moonshine Saloon

28-30 Houndsditch,




£35.99 (pp)

What do I need to bring?

A bottle of your own spirit

What included in my booking?

Entry,  all liqueurs, mixers, bitters and syrups required to make personalised cocktails by your Saloon Barkeep.

Where can I book?

Words by Gerald Onyango

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