Sep 30 2023

Como Garden: Kensington’s Best Italian Tapas Restaurant Launches Their New Dishes

Nestled in the heart of Kensington, Como Garden is a hidden gem that transports food lovers to the enchanting gardens of Lake Como. On a recent visit to the Italian Tapas restaurant, we had the pleasure of trying out their newest dishes, which proved to be a delightful voyage through the diverse flavours of Italy.

For our starters, we had the Bruschetta which was a refreshing start to our meal. Each bite transported us to the sun-drenched fields of Tuscany with its vibrant tomatoes and fragrant basil. The crispy bread provided a perfect canvas for these simple yet vibrant ingredients. Alongside this, we tried their Arancini which comes with parmesan and fontina cheese. The dish is a little bite of heaven with a crunchy exterior that gives way to a creamy and cheesy interior. The blend of Parmesan and Fontina cheese was a delightful marriage of flavours that had us reaching for seconds.

Not to neglect Como Garden’s seafood options we tried their new Salmon and Avocado Tartare, which if we’re being honest, was our favourite dish of the day. For seafood enthusiasts, the Salmon and Avocado Tartare was a masterpiece. The fresh salmon and creamy avocado melded together seamlessly, creating a refreshing and delectable dish. Its presentation was as elegant as its taste. You should also definitely try their Burrata that comes with pesto and tomatoes; the Burrata was a study in simplicity done right. The creamy cheese, adorned with vibrant pesto and sweet Datterini tomatoes, was a testament to the art of Italian cuisine. Each bite was a burst of flavours that celebrated the essence of Italian gastronomy.


For the mains, we had their King Prawn pasta which is an absolute festival of tasteness. Our taste buds then embarked on a journey to the coastal regions of Italy with the King Prawn Spaghetti. The perfectly cooked prawns were the stars of this dish, while the Datterino tomato sauce provided a burst of Mediterranean flavours that danced on our tongues. Next up on our culinary journey with the Marinated chicken with truffle sauce, a dish that tasted as divine as it sounded. The chicken was tender and imbued with flavours from its marinade. The real showstopper, however, was the truffle sauce that enveloped the dish in a rich, earthy aroma. Paired with velvety mashed potatoes, it was a harmonious blend of textures and tastes.


Como Garden have an impressive drinks selection, as we went for lunch we tried their Espresso Martini to round off our delightful meal. These velvety cocktails, with their strong espresso kick and subtle sweetness, were a perfect ending to our Italian feast.

The restaurant’s design, inspired by the stunning gardens of Lake Como, provided an elegant and picturesque backdrop for our Friday lunch. The attentive staff and warm ambience contributed to the overall charm of Como Garden.Como Garden’s new menu offerings reflect a passion for Italian cuisine that shines through in each dish. From the rich and indulgent to the fresh and vibrant, their culinary creations take diners on a journey across Italy’s diverse culinary landscape. If you’re seeking an authentic Italian dining experience in Kensington, Como Garden is a must-visit destination that will leave you craving more. Buon appetito!



37-45 Kensington High St, London W8 5ED

When’s best go?

Evenings for dates, lunchtime for groups


£55pp for three meals (not including dessert)

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Words by Gerald Onyango

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