Oct 15 2023

Cellar at Kindred: One of London’s Best Places to Hangout and Eat

It’s always hard for spaces to perfectly blend cosy and classy but Kindred have nailed it, especially with their downstairs cafe that’s acutely named Cellar. Kindred is a co-working space in the heart of West London, Hammersmith, and Cellar is its casual dining cafe serving delicious food all day. As soon as you walk downstairs you get a real sense of comfort thanks to its dark and moody atmosphere that gives a warm vibe with its copious candles. This all helps to create a cosy and romantic cellar that guests will immediately feel at home.  There’s an open plan view of the kitchen and wood oven with its blaring flames that extend the cosy vibes It’s a great spot to get familiar with as the weather gets colder and you want a homey, warm spot to catch up with friends or for a cute date night.

Visually and atmospherically it’s striking so how about the food? For our starters, we had the Korean Spiced Dexter Beef Tartare which was a true standout. The combination of the tender Dexter beef, the spicy kick from the gochugaru, and the sweetness of honey created a harmonious balance of flavours. The addition of straw chips provided a satisfying crunch that complemented the tartare perfectly. It was a great fusion of Korean and Western influences. Equally remarkable was the Pea & Shallot Ravioli. The dish was a delightful blend of fresh and vibrant flavours. The vegan lemon ricotta was creamy and tangy, while the pistachios added a lovely crunch sensation. The toasted lemon butter elevated the dish to a whole new level. It was a prime example of inventive vegetarian cuisine.


For our mains, the 1/2 Roasted Yorkshire Wolds Free-Range Chicken was a generous and mouthwatering centrepiece. The chicken was succulent, and the harissa roasted garlic infused it with a flavorful, spicy twist. The giant couscous and tabbouleh contrasted textures and freshness, while the pomegranate and lemon yoghurt added a zesty and vibrant touch. This dish truly highlighted the essence of well-prepared, high-quality ingredients.

To conclude our culinary journey, we indulged in the Tiramisu for dessert. The Tiramisu Walnut Cake was a sweet, nutty delight. The mascarpone cream was velvety, and the cocoa added a rich, chocolatey note. It was a perfect ending to a remarkable meal.

For drinks, we enjoyed a bottle of Chardonnay to accompany our dinner. The wine was a harmonious pairing that enhanced our dishes. If wine isn’t your drink of choice then no problem as Cellar has an amazing drink selection, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic; so there’s something for everyone. Our recommended cocktail The Matchmaker; is a very fresh, light, sparkling wine; the kind of cocktail that doesn’t have too many distracting flavours as it has a great minty refreshing taste to begin your evening. Also, look out for their ‘pasta of the day’ and a wine pairing to go with it. This way you can add a touch of fanciness to a hard day of work but at affordable prices without a strict dress code or etiquette.


Kindred, Bradmore House, Queen Caroline Street, London W6 9BW

When’s best go?

Any time of the day


£55pp for three meals (not including dessert)

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Words by Gerald Onyango

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