Jun 20 2023

Riviera: New High-End Restaurant Brings South of France to Mayfair

Emerald Hospitality Group have opened the doors to their latest high-end restaurant, Riviera. Located on the world-renowned St James’s Street the glamourous new restaurant is the newest must-visit venue in London this summer. Riviera’s main purpose is to transport its customers from London to the South of France through its delicious food, well-chosen drink selection, and design & interior.

The restaurant is made up of three different spaces: a ground-floor bar & lounge area, the main dining room, and an outdoor terrace that gives you an idyllic view of one of London’s most heralded streets.  The interior takes inspiration from French Riviera hotspots like Saint-Tropez. Whilst being extremely classy the interior and decor also exude comfort; a perfect balance of high-end and cosy.  For drinks, we opted for white wine by the glass this is a great option if you’re looking to try out Riviera’s rich selection of wines.

The food arrived very quickly, and don’t let the chef’s speed fool you, the food is fresh and made with precision. For our starters, we had the Truffle & Cheese stuffed Courgette Flower in Tempura and the tuna tartare & avocado. The courgette was creamy and indulgent with a delicate texture despite it being a Tempura dish. The dish was presented like a work of art, which emphasises the level of attention to detail at Riviera. The tuna tartare was my favourite meal of the day a simple combination but packed with a lot of flavour that tasted fresh and revitalising for a summer’s evening.

For our mains, we had the Black Truffle Slow-cooked Baby Chicken & Sauteed Wild mushrooms. It comes as a large portion but ensure you order a side to complement the meal. It’s a very Umami and rich dish, which would pair well with some “very” French fries. We finished our meal with the perfect date dessert, a sharing Tarte Tatin. Buttery pastry and mouth-watering, caramelised apples. Even if you’re not a dessert person, this is a French classic worth trying at Riviera.

Riviera does high-end without any pretentiousness; it’s sophisticated but relaxed and will attract a wide range of customers. The staff make a conscious effort to welcome guests and go above and beyond to make you feel special which is why we would recommend visiting Riviera for a special occasion.


23 St James’s St, St. James’s, London SW1A 1HA

When’s best go?

Dinner / special occasions



Find out more – www.riviera-london.co.uk

Words by Gerald Onyango

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