Sep 12 2022

Tamarind Tiger is London’s Best On-Go Restaurant

If you’re in Baker Street and fancy a quick meal on-the-go then make sure you head down to Indian restaurant Tamarind Tiger. The grab ‘n’ go style restaurant have launched their new menu that brings authentic Indian flavours in fresh, fast and tasty dishes to Baker Street.

The set up of Tamarind is Tiffin Boxes that can be personalised with varying dishes. Their main offering is their hot rice bowls where you have an option Indian Sona Masoori brown rice or quinoa as your carb. A range of flavourful protein dishes including Chicken Tikka Masala, Mango Chicken, Meatballs, Chickpea Curry, Vegan salad and more. Plus a selection of veg and a range of flavour-packed sides including lamb and veggie samosas for those who are peckish.

It’s impressive how despite the food being on the go, how fresh, tasty and authentically Indian the food is. It’s rare you’ll get this level of attention to detail, taste and quickness from any on-the-go restaurant. Their staff are always ready to give you their recommendations to help for any indecisive customers. They’re also open to mixing your rice bowls too, feel free to try a half Mango Chicken and half chickpea curry bowl, if you want the best of both worlds.

In addition to their hot bowls, the restaurant also have delectable burgers on offer too. The hot Chicken Tikka Pao Burger is as tasty as it sounds – soft bread with a lightly spiced Chicken Tikka filling, tomato chutney and kachumber slaw. Both the new Chicken Tikka and the much-loved Samosa Chutney Burger Pao, go perfectly with their delicious baked Gunpowder Wedges, that are baked crisp and coated in Tamarind Tiger’s secret salty spice mix.

If you fancy something less filling you can try their selection of hot wraps. This includes theirTandoori Potato Wrap (spiced roasted potato, crunchy slaw, tandoori aioli, mint chutney). Or their Gunpowder Chicken Wrap (grilled chicken, salad greens, delicately spiced lentil powder spice blend ‘gunpowder’ aioli), there is a wrap to suit everyone.

The warming flavours of Tamarind Tiger aren’t just limited to food, the drinks are top notch too. The Indian origin Chai Bar offers a wide selection of chai and coffee, all sourced from the finest estates in the sub-continent. Their specialty beverages like Masala Chai and Mango Lassi are a must-have pick-me-up depending on your mood for something warm or cold through the day! 

If you want a great taste of India but in a rush then Tamarind Tiger is the place to go. You can eat in, takeaway or or even al fresco. Get down there now!


13 Baker St, Marylebone, London W1U 3AH, United Kingdom

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£10 for hot bowl, £3.50 for sides

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Words by Gerald Onyango

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